Curbside Appointments

We are now seeing your pets through Curbside Appointments. 
When you arrive, please do NOT come inside the building. Instead, take the steps below. If you would like to come in the building for your appointment, please confirm with the Receptionist and they will get you into an exam room. Masks are REQUIRED for entering the building. Thank you for your understanding!

As you may expect, this way of doing business is new to all of us,
so we appreciate your patience as we iron out the details of the workflow.

Curbside Appointment Protocols

1. When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle and call us at (434) 237-6631 to check-in.

2. A receptionist will confirm your contact information (phone and/or email)

3. Forms required for your visit can be Texted or Emailed to you. (A link to these forms) Paper forms may be used for those that cannot fill them out on their mobile device or computer.
Online Forms you can fill out at home or on your mobile device: Online Forms

4. Fill out the forms on your mobile device and 'Submit' them. They are immediately sent to us. 

5. A veterinary assistant or kennel attendant will retrieve your pet from you at your vehicle and take him/her to an exam room.
a. Dogs on Leashes - Our staff member will bring her own leash. After our leash is on your dog, you will remove your leash and/or collar or harness to keep with you.
b. Carriers - We will clean carriers when they are brought into the building and again before being returned to you at your vehicle.

6. The assistant and doctor will perform the exam and any treatments requested and will call you on the provided number with results of the exam and to discuss further treatments if necessary.

7. A receptionist will contact you with over-the-phone payment options. (We are looking into mobile phone payment methods at this time.)

8. An assistant or kennel attendant will return your pet to you along with any medications or items your pet requires.
a. Dogs on Leashes - You will reattach your leash to your dog prior to us removing our leash.
b. Carriers - Carrier handles will be wiped down before returning them to you, but we suggest cleaning them yourselves as well as added precaution.

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